Levant accounts for 10% of #MENA internet population

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Effective Measure released some interesting numbers today on internet usage in the MENA region for February of 2012. The press release states that there are 9.7 million users in the Levant area in countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

levant internet footprint Feb 2012

It’s interesting to see that Jordan and Lebanon (the smaller countries) have more unique browsers, but that could be due to the instability going on in Iraq and Syria, I think once things get sorted out there the numbers will most definitely spike.

Also although Lebanon has less unique browsers than Jordan, the numbers show more mobile pageviews in Lebanon, I think that the reason boils down to the pricing and the quality of internet connection.   I know for a fact that its relatively cheap to get a good fast connection in Jordan therefore less people would use their more expensive data packages to check the web unless if they’re on the go. It may not be the case in Lebanon, were the internet is not as fast or cheap!

Effective Measure Vice President of Digital Insights, Brendon Ogilvy, said, “Levant is a force to be reckoned with, especially when looking at Jordan and Lebanon’s encouraging Internet consumption in February. We consider Levant’s digital growth as a good indicator of its overall progress and look forward to bringing value and structure to those invested in it.”

Here are some numbers on the growth in the month of February:

  1. In February, a .62 percent increase in unique browser count contributed to the 265.4 million web pages viewed in Levant on mobile and PC.
  2. Over 14.2 million pages were viewed on mobile, up 0.4 percent from the previous month. 
  3. The 25-30 year old age group led with 24.1 percent audience market share, with a majority of the entire population identified as early adopters.

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