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Social media is a wide spectrum medium where everything is obtainable. In my articles I have discussed how corporations are striving for more exposure and better enhancement through social media. And while social media is an open-free juncture all of us are trying to be someone by creating a persona.

We all know that women care deeply about their hair’s health. And more to that, how shiny it is, no split ends, no damages, I can go on and on but I think you get the point! Eideal is the first hair brand product made by a Lebanese national.

Haysam Eid the founder and the managing director of Eideal who is a young ambitious man, has devoted his talent and know-how in the interest of being in the beauty industry. The brand was launched with one item E-pro which is a curling iron, at The Middle East BeautyWorld exhibition in 2008.

‘Eideal strives to bring the global market what it needs in terms of providing adequately polished and reliable hair care appliances to all women anywhere on the globe. And to make it as easy and accessible as just dropping what she needs in her handbag and swiftly using them while on the move or at home to create and conserve that Eideal hairstyle, ‘ Eid explained.

To further continue I wanted to know about social media since it is my main concern how it helped Eideal with its launching and with its marketing strategy.

As a brand Eideal is available on all sorts of social media tools. Facebook, twitter, Tumblr, Flickr. When the brand was first launched at the Prestigious Middle East BeautyWorld exhibition in 2008, there wasn’t much work on social media. But today as this brand is determined to reach everyone, social media is a primary plan as it helps to reach their target audience which is mainly women.

‘In less than a year we opened our headquarters in the UAE. Within the same year also we had a new distributor to Kuwait and as well as to KSA, as well as India and Baghdad,’ Carine Sakr said.

Carine Sakr is the Marketing Manager; I had to know how Eideal became this brand by starting with one product to reaching a wide audience, and this is what she had to say:

‘It started with the salons in Lebanon purchasing more of our products to use for their clients, which created a high demand among our clients and among women also. Moreover, through social networking, Eideal is getting more exposure by providing unique information to our clientele on these networks, and this is boosting our sales and presence through people creating chatter about us in the MENA region.’ Sakr said.

‘Eideal’s technological innovations and remarkable sales numbers were reflected also in Eideal’s widespread presence whether through online or through our own marketing strategy,’ Haysam said.

This brand is working day and night to provide women with the idealistic hair tools that we use today. As we can see all companies, all brands, don’t feel complete without the existence of social media.

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