1. Thanks for the question, i believe that it applies on Twitter too. However, on a less importance basis than Facebook as the whole marketing on Twitter could be different than FB.
    The only 2 ways to target countries on Twitter is through Hashtags (e.g #Saudi) or a promoted tweet.
    eventually, it’s always better to have a Facebook page and a Twitter account under the same local name for maximum utilization of these tools.

  2. That only applies to Facebook, right? No way to geotarget your tweets so they only go to followers from a specific country or location.

  3. Thank you Adel. great addition to the reasons, I agree completely with what you said. its upon marketers to amend this practice and push forward the Arabic, engaging content forward.

  4. You are absolutely right Amer! I will go as far as calling this practice "Titanic Marketing" in the sense that it completely violates the basic rules to segmentation and target market selection. It is not hard to see why this has been carelessly implemented by valuable brands in the region; IT IS COST EFFECTIVE! And that does NOT make it OK.

    But to get serious for a moment, one of the main issues the MENA region is facing on the web is the availability of quality content creators ("QCC's")…The influence of the English culture in the MENA region is very strong for obvious reasons apparent to everyone. The key to overcoming this hurdle is the development of QCC's in the MENA region. Just because it is a localized page doesn't mean that it can be in English…localization is all about connections. Does a brand connect with its customers on a personal level? That is what social media is all about…If not…then they need to re-evaluate their approach and develop content that is relevant, local, and most importantly targeted.

  5. Thanks Taleb, good point. But still we prefer localized pages I'll tell you why from personal experience, we're running a competition campaign for the MENA right now for a client on their facebook page, and although the competition is open to all countries in the MENA, people from different countries communicate with us in different dialects and there's some serious confusion going on but we're managing it so far. To give you an example, Egyptians use and write different words in Arabic than people in Jordan or Lebanon would use. In fact in some cases we had to respond to users in English which is not ideal and confuses the users in my opinion. Now unless you have a team that can handle the different communications from different countries than I think it might be do-able, but again it has to be well planned and well managed.

  6. What you see on a brand arabia facebook page is not what the admin of the page sees. If you reside in UAE and a post is targeted to KSA, you won't see the post or the engagement happening. All the best in managing an Arabia facebook brand one day. You will touch on what I say.

  7. Hi J.VonStauffenberg, thanks for the comment, its not uncommon for brands in the region to do that but there has to be a proper strategy and strong management behind it. a while back we covered a story about how VW launched one of their new models on Facebook https://interactiveme.com/index.php/2011/05/be-sur… from what I remember they used one page for the campaign and there was some sort of photo competition going on where people only from 2 cities could win the prize.
    Now my problem with that approach is that it creates confusion, why should someone in Egypt for example see a promotion for customers in the UAE, then the confusion turns into frustration if one country gets better promos than another and you end up alienating your fan base.
    Again if its well planed and executed it could be good, because at the end of the day managing more than one page can be a headache for a brand from a marketers point of view. however, planning more than 5 countries content from one page could be more hectic.

  8. What about target specific posts? I am positive that most of the "Arabia" pages, post country specific news to keep the local community engaged on local promotions.
    What do you say about that?

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