Welcome aboard Tala Riz, a new addition to the interactive ME team

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We’ve been planning to add a new, more permanent member to the interactive ME team and just as we were about to give up on that, I received an email from Tala (I usually receive CV’s which are quite often very random) however for some reason I decided to check out Tala’s CV and I was glad that I did. Because after viewing it I contacted and it quickly became apparent that she would be a great addition to the team.

Although Tala is a fresh grad from Lebanon’s LAU, I could tell she was very passionate about writing and about social media in general, she has her own blog  where she writes about social media however she has a different approach and view to the subject than  all the other editors on Interactive ME (including myself) which is why I thought she could be of great help to us. Also I thought it was about time that we had a feminine voice on the website!

Tala will be covering everyday stories related to social media and how it effects people’s lives in the region and more specifically in Lebanon. You can also follow her on Twitter here.

I would like to take this moment to welcome Tala to the team and wish her the best of luck.

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Having worked with top digital agencies and companies in the MENA region for the past number of years I'm now looking now to venture on my own with small side projects in online, SaaS products. Things I like include: gaming, sports, technology, social media, start ups, funny things and reading about new bright ideas.

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