Absence of Social Media in Hassan Dandash’s life

hasan dandash

hasan dandash
I need to get my story straight… so they do exist, people who are not active on any kind of social media medium.  But the question is, what is the alternative to that? As mentioned previously some people do prefer live communication. But I just wonder don’t these people feel that they are missing on a lot?

Meeting with Al Hassan Dandash, the basket ball player for the Champville team, number 7, for three years now, with a point guard position; Dandash wasn’t active on social media.

‘I have no accounts on Facebook or Twitter. I think it’s a waste of time, if nothing of a value is going on.  For me as a person I don’t think I need any of these tools, mainly because it won’t make any difference in my life to be honest,’ Hassan said.

hasan dandash 2While some people’s jobs depend heavily on social media, others just use it In order to waste time. We should differentiate between these two aspects that, having a Facebook or Twitter account is something, and depending on websites for information is totally something else.

There’s a thin line between mixing business and pleasure. And while to some these tools can be entertaining, where other tools are credible source of information; there are networks like LinkedIn where we depend on it heavily. It connects people within the same fields; it paid off as a benefit to a lot of employed people.

But when it comes to Dandash he sounded certain that if social media was to change his life it would have. ‘I’m always available to my fans. It happened to me before some of the fans called me and checked on me. I appreciate that a lot, its always encouraging seeing how much people care about me, or support me on my playing. For me it means the world,’ Dandash stated.

Being an active person himself, Hassan is full of energy, he loves swimming, and he’s been doing this hobby for 9 years.  He’s a student at the Lebanese American University majoring in Business Management. He’s an ambitious person where in the interview he discussed his future. He plans on seeking a career with his degree and not just basketball.

And with his understanding character, Hassan doesn’t have a problem with social media; on the contrary he feels that it’s important to some, while to him it’s just something he can go on without.

Take a moment and think about your life with no social media intervention, how would it be? That’s something intriguing I think…

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