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This post was written by Amer Massimi who is the founder of Hashtag, a new social media agency that specializes in humanizing brands on the web in the Middle East. 

For sure you have come across the cute little potato that is called Liza. She needs your help to “hook” her up with the right partner “flavor”, and you will give your vote to many other different cute characters of flavors that are trying to approach Liza for marriage, attempting to impress her with the gifts in their hands; however, Liza is confused to choose, too many options! (like the case in the real world)  She could use your help through your vote. And the highest voted flavor will be actually produced and marketed from Lays.

Lays Arabia have definitely took the social media marketing in the region to the next level through proper planning and assigning these tools to serve their marketing objectives based on people’s preference. Although I oppose the use of “Arabia Pages” but in this case could be arguable, as the marketing objective might actually cover the whole region.

Social media gives you the tools to help you launch new ideas with the minimum risk. Why not while you can let people vote on the best flavor, design or logo?

Many other brands have let people decide upon major decisions related. Gap did it for its logo some time back and wasn’t disappointed; Lays are on the same track.

Lays Arabia did a great job of utilizing the marketing objectives (of launching various new flavors) through a proper use of social media to engage their audience. In between, Lays is offering fans some big financial prizes for any fan who could go the extra mile and submit a new design for the chips package through a cool app.

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The storytelling style of the new flavors is just superb and entertaining, fans are anxiously waiting for new flavors (characters) to launch.  The engagement rate is skyrocketing; people are giving their opinions and participating on each flavor. Brilliant.

Lays have promoted the campaign heavily using outdoor media, print and LED screens, better, they are launching videos on YouTube for each new character. the fans are increasing by the minute.

Lays used the following channels to facilitate voting:

  1. Website: as the main voting platform
  2. Facebook: where the engagement and opinions are shared
  3. SMS: you can sms your vote

Lays campaign should evoke many questions for your brand presence on the social networks! What’s your brand social story? How did you humanize the presence and engaged people? Are you using your fan base to actually build on your marketing objectives?

Would love to hear other examples! Please get in touch and let us know if you have any stories you would like us to write about. Also you can register to receive our newsletter directly to your inbox.

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