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On April 6th, the Step Conference took place at the MAKE business hub (yes I’ve been going there a lot lately!) and it was a very refreshing hip and unconventional conference I really liked what and how they did it. To give you an example Alex Tohme was moderating one panel about innovation in the MENA and only two of the five panelists were preselected the remaining three members volunteered to moderate at the event just a couple of minutes before the panel.

A number of interesting people and companies attended the conference, including Rony El Nashar founder of Seed Startup who has recently been mentioned on TechCruch. He gave the timeless advice that ideas are not as valuable as execution “there is no marketplace for ideas, you can’t go to a place and sell/buy ideas” explained El Nashar, emphasizing the point for good execution.

Also attending and speaking was the impressive Saleh Al Braik, an Emirati born and raised in Dubai and the founder of ThinkUp. ThinkUp is a platform that allows the youth to believe in their passion and develop it further. ThinkUp also helps the youngsters of the society to give back to the community through various charity activities and to develop their careers. He is also known as @Fearlessindubai on Twitter with more than 35K+ followers, not bad for a 23 year old!

Certainly one of the evening’s highlights was a “cynical” presentation from Peter Saghegyi managing director of Sentiomedia, Peter has worked and developed his skill in interactive entertainment with a global leader in video game development in Austria and UK before moving to Dubai. And he mentioned in his presentation how the answer to a client’s request in the MENA was always “No problem we can do it!”, poking fun at the Yes, boss mentality. He now heads a group of equally talented geeks who work on pretty cool projects for clients across the region below is a simple “fun” example of what they do, but to really appreciate their work you should checkout the demos on their website.

In the video above (which isn’t the clearest video again I had to shoot it with my Phone) but you can see what it does, the motion detector, which is the sensor from an XBOX Kinetic, detects any object that passes in front of it and captures an image that is displayed on the screen with a pixelated effect. I just wish there was more light to make it more visible.

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