Social Media at Cribs

cribs Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon 1

cribs Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon 1

When social media doesn’t play a huge role in some of Hamra’s (A hot location in Lebanon) pubs in, what do managers count on? Cribs is a new pub that has opened recently in Hamra for two months now. Being a unique place, what’s different about it is that social media is welcomed at Cribs and not the other way around. It’s a cozy atmosphere where everybody knows everybody, people are taking pictures, chatting, dancing and having fun.

To know more about it, I had a chat with Tony Motran the managing partner where he discussed cribs the idea and how it got executed. ‘The whole idea is that my partners and I intended to make people to come visit us while they still feel they’re at home. As you can see the interior is very malleable and inviting and this is all due to our hard work. The designs and the props we all teamed up and made this interior. Each reflected the taste that he wants but not dismissing the idea of making cribs a warm place to our visitors,’ Motran said.

The only social media tool that Cribs is active on is Facebook. As I have visited Cribs more than once, it can’t be denied that within a small period of time, it becomes a full house. And over the weekend it becomes even more jam-packed.

cribs in Hamra Beirut, Lebanon 2

There’s no activity on social media, as Tony explained what they really rely on is their social network, their connections, and word of mouth. It was very obvious that most of Cribs visitors are from Lebanese American University (LAU). And so friends tell friends and this is how Cribs became the talk of the town.

While Cribs is like a bonfire in Hamra Street, we can’t ignore the fact that it has affected some other pubs along the way. ‘I personally have nothing to say, it happens in every domain, there’s always competition. But we mainly depend on our friends and friend of friends who are making us grow. We are not putting any effort on the marketing for the place itself is ornamental. The competition is high, and it’s just the aura that is in Cribs and the soft atmosphere with its hip music makes Cribs more of an attention seeker,’ Tony said.

cribs Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon 3

So after discussing social media, it came to an end that sometimes there are other plans to depend on. The interior is that of a phenomenal, the shaped-like cottage house that is reflect, the chimney to complement winter’s atmosphere, and its amazing music. All makes the place what it is.
As an advice people should always look for difference, and for a theme to define whatever there is to be defined. Cribs from the beginning set itself to have a home-like-cottage-ambiance to it. And this is not only in winter, rather Cribs is a seasonal place with every attem
pting season there’s a change of vibes and interior.

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