The Bachelor of the Year Ali Mahmoud on Social Media

Ali Mahmoud

Ali Mahmoud

If you haven’t heard of the basketball player Ali Mahmoud, you probably heard about a guy riding the team bus with only boxers and shoes on. I’ve heard during my interviews with other basketball players that they have lost games before; but shockingly never before someone mentioned losing his clothes to fans!! That’s how crazy it can get on social media too.

He’s available on more then 3 fan pages on Facebook; he’s Alimack6 on Twitter; and he’s the Dynamo on the ground. Yes! He’s Ali Mahmoud, number 6, the professional basketball player for the Riyadh team.

He has the position of a point guard, where he has been playing for the Riyadh team for eight years now. He’s known in Asia to be between the best basketball players. People tend to compliment Mahmoud on his wittiness and competent playing.

‘I’m active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The main reason I’m active on social media, is the fact that it is something to do… It’s very entertaining and keeps you up-to-date,’ Ali said.

With his easy going personality and his funny character Ali considers himself to be a boring guy. For with his free time his favorite hobby is to chill with his guy friends, or work on his Ipad, or better yet listen to music.

While all along Number 6 proved to be anything but boring; his modesty when it comes to fans made a difference to the whole concept of social media. With more than 439 followers and 3,788 likes he seems to be very appreciative about it.

‘I always appreciate my fan’s encouragement, its something that we all look up to. I have only one thing to say concerning how active I am on social media thank you God. This is all due to the love and admiration my fans always surround me with,’ Mahmoud stated.

One thing I have noticed, that though most of the Lebanese basketball players are active on social media, to some extent they don’t over use it on a personal level. However, the fans that are so devoted to them have to do with all the stimulation and circle of light.

Dynamic and competitive those traits constitute Ali Mahmoud the person in life and on social media. But smart that he is, as much as he is careful to what extent he gives on social media; the more careful he was to know what to say in our interview. Being a joker he made it so easy to let the conversation over-flow but in the direction that he intends it to be.

And for our audience and readers out there, if there’s anything interesting about the usage of social media, it is how to always direct it the way you want it to. What you can always learn with the rush of social media and its evolution, to know how to make it oriented towards what you want, and not the other way around. Target what benefits your knowledge, work, and life. But never let it conquer you.

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