AmmanTT 2012, Second Anniversary Review

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Amman Tech Tuesdays Logo

This past Tuesday the first of May was a special day for startups in the MENA, especially in Amman, Jordan. Amman Tech Tuesdays which is a monthly gathering for techies in Jordan celebrated it’s second anniversary last Tuesday and they threw an impressive event. I personally thought it was a success, it had panelist discussions as well as a drop in visit by HRH Queen Rania of Jordan, but what did it for me was the fact that there was 100+ startup companies some of whom were very interesting. I must admit I found the startups in the event to be more exciting and more original than the ones at Arabnet.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay till the end of the event, however I spent the majority of the day there and got a chance to speak to most of the startups and managed to get some videos, below is a short video montage of some of the things that went on:

The guys playing guitars and having a good time are from (Arabic for play music/instruments – loosely translated) they are a startup which provides music lessons online, users can register and start learning to play instruments.

Another interesting startup was Sajilni (Arabic for sign me up) which is an online solution that targets event organizers and event seekers. There were many more startups, hopefully we will be writing more about them in the coming days.

After speaking with some of the startups attending the majority were facing or were wanting to secure funding. Unfortunately for them there weren’t enough investors in the crowd, most of the people attending were people such as myself and other techies/geeks wanting to know what new things were being developed. However one startup did mention that they got some much needed exposure to their target which was helpful.

Finally I want to link to some pictures of Prodigi’s T-shirt’s that were given away in a karaoke competition at the end of the day as well as some other photos taken during the day.

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