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Are you facing a difficult decisions on how to split your social media marketing budget on the different social networks? Are you having issues with getting the ROI you want? Well, hopefully the infographic below by Quicksprout will help shed some light on what and where you should focus your efforts.

I know I had my doubts in the past about spending money on social networks the reason being I didn’t see (or know) how the money spent was being translated into return. But I quickly realised, it wasn’t that these networks weren’t good, but instead I wasn’t using them properly and didn’t really understand how to make them work for my projects instead of the other way around. I’ve recently ran a campaign for one of projects that generated over 20K likes within a month, at a total cost of just under USD 3,500 (which included costs other than online ad spend).

The key is to have a plan with clear objectives, set goals, knowing how and what to measure and most importantly acting quickly to stay on top of things.

Now if you’re looking into using a social network to advertise your business, website, blog, etc… You have to take a deep look into your analytics, understand them and know where your traffic is coming from and focus efforts there. The numbers mentioned below are a good indicator of where your traffic is probably coming from.

I know for a fact that majority of websites we work on have most of their referral traffic come from Facebook, its not a surprise really given the numbers below. However that isn’t always the case, that is why you need to understand your own traffic and analyse, and make a plan according to your findings.

For e-commerce websites, a very interesting stat from the infographic below is that 85.8% of shopping started from facebook compared to 11.3% from Pinterest and 2.9% from Twitter. Facebook users also view 7 pages and 2.6% of that traffic makes a purchase. Now there is a great room for improvement and I’m pretty sure that these numbers will go up very soon.

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How You Should Spend Your Marketing Budget: Facebook vs Twitter vs Pinterest
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

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