Social Media Revolution: Are you in?

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Ah yes the social media revolution, these videos never really get old:

So after watching the video I wanted to point out the stats that I found to be interesting and maybe relate them to what brands in the MENA region are doing on social networks:

1 Bn Facebook users

Not new news but still that’s huge of course not all of them real accounts however that type of reach is incredible. I think brands in (at least) the UAE are doing somewhat of a good job on Facebook.

Each day 20% of Google searches have never been searched before


In 10 years over 40% of fortune 500 companies will no longer be here

That’s scary, because if a fortune 500 company can disappear just think about what will happen to an SME. I run one so I know, and this thought on its own is enough for anyone to start utilizing all the tools available to ensure a companies existence for more than 10 years.

Ford explorer launch on Facebook generated more traffic than a super bowl ad

Just think about this one… A well planned launch on social networks can do wonders, but I would like to know the budget it took Ford to pull it of. I’m pretty sure they still paid big bucks, but how big and the ROI compared to a superbowl ad?

I just learnt a new word

Passe – Email old fashioned, whatever!

Every second two new members join linked in

Don’t forget about linkedIn, just because its not as sexy as the other networks doesn’t mean its not worthwhile!

Social gamers will buy 6Bn in virtual goods by 2013 compared to moviegoers’ 2.5Bn in real goods.

Gamification! I’ve been wanting to see brands in the region do that with their marketing for the last two years, in fact one of my first posts was about using games as a marketing tool. I know, gamification and games are not exactly the same thing and its not easy to do, but who ever does it well will win big I think.

Youtube 2nd largest search engine.

Yes I think some of the big brands are noticing this, lately most of the videos I watch on Youtube start with an ad a good start! But I think there’s more potential here for creating and publishing some awesome content.

53% of people on twitter recommend products in their tweets

Do you know if you’re brand is being recommended, if so what are they saying about it? If not, why?

90% of consumers trust peer recommendations vs. 14% trust advertisement

This is a tricky one, but the solution to this is to have excellent customer service and know what people are saying about you. Since any kind of in house blogging or testimonials might be perceived as paid (or sponsored) advertising, you’re best bet is to do your best upfront and act quickly to resolve any problems as they rise in order to get people to recommend you.

New Yorkers received tweets about an east coast earthquake 30 seconds before they felt it.

I’m not sure how they measured that accurately enough to be a real figure! Twitter can see the future I guess…

We will no longer search for products. They will find us via social media.

Marketers in the region really have to do their homework on this one and find out exactly who they’re selling to, and know as much details about them as possible.

93% of marketers use social media for business.

Ok, lets get this one straight. Having a facebook page is not social media marketing, although it is a good start if you’re managing it right. You have to listen to what is being said about your brand on social networks, track mentions, analyze the data and jump in to correct the wrong things. Its a constant non-ending part of you’re marketing and it should be integrated with other channels if you have any. There are a number of good companies doing a great job when it comes to this, if you’d like to know more please contact us

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