State of E-Commerce in the #UAE [#infograhic]

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Finally some useful information that is actually relevant to the region, an infograhic has just been published about e-commerce in the UAE. The information which was collected from a total of 2,052 respondents and sheds some light on the state of e-commerce in the UAE as well as some lessons that can be learnt for startups who are trying to sell online.

The infograph was published by JadoPado on their blog, and to go a step further they even released the raw data collected (so you know they’re not making it up!) which is another reason why I love what they’re doing and they truly are a great example to follow in this space.

For new online startups selling online, here are some major points from the infograph (which I always tell clients to consider when setting up online stores):

  1. Make the buying experience as simple as possible (don’t complicate it for people to buy)
  2. Make sure your customer service is freaking awesome, you need to add a human touch and make people safe by purchasing online
  3. Provide as much information and graphics as possible about what you’re selling
  4. Make sure to make it clear that your website is secure, add all the necessary security logos on your website
  5. Add as much payment options as possible. (Although, you have to be very careful with Cash on delivery and make sure it makes sense for your business)









































































Source: JadoPado Blog

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