The State of Social Media in #KSA 2012

social media ksa 2012

A new infographic has been released on the state of social media in Saudi Arabia for 2012 by the Social Clinic. We’ve tweeted this and posted it on our facebook page yesterday, but we figured its worth writing about since it highlights some important figures about one of the region’s biggest countries online, especially when it comes to twitter.

What is interesting is the fact that 45% of twitter users in KSA are female, compared to only 30% on facebook. That might be due to the fact that twitter is less personal in terms of what you share about yourself and your social circle.

Other interesting takeaways for brands:

  1. Focus on where the people are: Riyadh is ranked as #10 globally on twitter. Twitter is the 6th most visited site in KSA and facebook is the 3rd.
  2. Know the lingo: KSA accounts to 30% of the Arabic used on twitter (Arabic, is the fastest growing language on twitter). And 90% of users in KSA on facebook use Arabic as the default language
  3. Don’t forget Youtube: KSA has the highest viewership in the world. 90M videos a day.

Generally speaking, STC and Almarai do a good job when it comes to social media. STC on twitter for the most part have smart replies and good tweets. So they would be a good example to follow.

state of social media in ksa 2012

courtesy of: The Social Clinic 

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