Digital Ad Spend in the #UAE and #KSA

digital ad spend in uae and ksa

A new report released provides some information on how digital ad spend in the UAE and Saudi Arabia has changed in the past two years. The report was carried out by OOXmonitor which is a web-based service that provides advertising monitoring in the Middle-East with a current focus on the UAE and Saudi markets.

Here are some main points from the report:

  1. Ad spend grew by 12.6% in the UAE vs. 5.3% in the KSA from 2011 to 2012
  2. UAE accounts for 47.1% of GCC online ad spend
  3. Cost of acquiring new customers should be relatively lower in KSA than in the UAE, that may be because there is higher competition from brands to get the attention of the online shopper.
  4. The top three spending industries remained at the top in both the UAE and KSA
  5. In the UAE, only one new industry made it to the top 10 which “Restaurants & Bars” replacing “Watches & Jewelry” which may indicate how people are spending their money in the UAE!

digital ad spend in uae and ksa complete stats

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