PPC: What is the most important metric to track?

PPC News Apr 2013

james reynoldsThis article is contributed by James Reynolds the CEO of two web traffic agencies SEO Sherpa and Click Jam focussed on helping business owners and entrepreneurs drive sales and increase the overall responsiveness and profitability of their online marketing. James arrived in internet marketing from a business background in early 2010 and has already achieved a great level of recognition in the field. His main area of knowledge is business strategy, previously having taken a relative start up Photography Company to a multimillion dollar earning business, in just 2 years. This experience, plus thousands of hours of study in business and internet marketing techniques have led to ‘big picture’ thinking and an understanding of the hurdles that business owners and net-preneurs must overcome before rocketing to new levels of growth. His secondary specialism is generating traffic via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). He has a deep practical knowledge of ‘traffic’ having driven millions of leads to his own and client websites, and has a way of making the subject simple to the novice marketer.


Video Highlights

00:13 – What is this number?

00:34 – Why is this important?

00:40 – Finding your LTVV

00:58 – Let’s get an example

01:40 – Two ways to earn more

02:02 – Why is option 2 better?

02:17 – How to improve visitor value

03:00 – Finally, always offer new stuff

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