New Version of Facebook Page Insights Is Here

Facebook page insights update

Facebook page owners have a reason to celebrate today after Facebook rolled out a new and improved way to view and manage their business pages via Page Insights.

Content is what drives social media and some new features that came along page insights should help page admins get a better idea of what types of content are performing best and most importantly by whom. A major new feature is that now page admins can view not only who they have reached, but also who they have engaged with. This should give a better understanding as to what different content different segments of their audiences would like to engage with most.

The new dashboard has been tweaked a bit and provides a quick look at likes, post reach, engagements and the last 5 posts:

New facebook page insights dashboard

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Also the export function has been updated to allow for the new additions and the old format is still supported:

New facebook insights data export

I’m looking forward to play around with new additions and see how well the information being provided can help in create more engaged fans. If you’d like to view a quick tour of the new updates you can do so from the video on the facebook news page.

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