Another “Halal” Search Engine Designed for Muslims Goes Live

It probably not as what they claimed in their press release below that they are the first, Ummah Network search engine provides the same service and was launched

As of today, Muslims from all over the world can search the World Wide Web safely without coming across content that might be considered “Haram” according to the Islamic Law.

Another “Hala” search engine launched today competing with, the first search engine for the Muslim ummah, its purpose was to raise income for muslim charities while creating a family friendly search. 50% of all the income from the site goes to Muslim charities, the results you get on gummah are coming from your favorite search engines like google and yahoo.

The new search engine,, joins the search engine market to take it’s share. This website will only fetch results that are flagged as to be “Halal”. The search engine uses various techniques to determine which results fetched are supposed to be “Halal” or “Haram”. Once a user comes in contact with content of explicit nature, the search engine will return a negative search advice.

The last few years Muslims have become very active on the Internet and the definite lack of tools for Muslims to be able to continue their online activities responsibly has probably inspired the people behind to enter the search engine market and offer a broad range of few functions to increase the users search experience. is a service launched by AZS Media Group LTD which is a creative media group founded by the young entrepreneur Reza Abdolali Zadeh Sardeha based in Amsterdam, Netherland.

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  1. True, that’s why we stated clearly that it’s “another hala search” against the press release. I agree with you that some bloggers have posted it as “first hala search” thats because the press release was claiming so and they either don’t have background about the topic or copy/pasting a press release.

    good job gummah people,


  2. actually gummah was the first halal search engine launched late 2008, so i dont understand why some blogs are billing imhalal as the first halal search engine, they need to make a simple google search before posting.

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