Meet The Geek: Mohammad Al Rehaili Owns AI Dinosaur


A casual interview unleashing a real geek lifestyle

For everyone to know, what is your full name?

Mohammad Al Rehaili

What’s your fake name?

lool, Moe is the nick name however my friends tease me with the name Muhender Suresh from Heroes

How old are you?

I’m 26, old enough to have a kid, maybe!

For how long have you been on the geek stage?

“If we are talking about PCs” I started when I was 15, the first thing I saw in my life was Yahoo! I remember that I didn’t know how to restart my computer, using windows or the small restart button at the PC. I used to un-plug the cable and plug it back. When I learned how “the proper way”, the geek-life started by learning everything related to computers.

Which company let you practice your geekiness?

My first company was KAB group and was an IT manager. The second is Cisco and I work as a Business Development Manager for Advanced Technologies.

Geek after work?

I spend most of my day on the computer which is personal or handheld. Responding to emails, reading technology blogs and the thing I enjoy the most which is drafting new services and designing it. Did I mention podcasting ?

What’s your geekiest thing you have ever done?

Finding a way to prevent stealing cell phones in Saudi Arabia, I built the project “mafgod –” Not to mention my pet Pleo “The AI Dinosaur”. (AI stands for Artificial Intelligence)

As a geek, you probably didn’t let GITEX go without attending: Was there anything that impressed you?

The event place was so BIG, the event itself wasn’t impressive. Everything I saw I read it before on a technology blog.

And another question about GITEX, what was it missing?

Introducing technologies or gadgets that we didn’t see or read about on techcrunch or similar.

Bring your geekiness up, what did you wish you have done?

Founded Google.

Who is your geek freak?

Raed Al Saeed

What’s your favorite app?

Seesmic for Twitter

When’s your favorite nap?

Of all the things that I lost, I miss my nap the most!

If you weren’t geek, what would you be?

F15 Pilot

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