MENA Facebook Demographics

A survey report published by Spot On Public Relations, revealed the new numbers of Facebook users in the MENA region. The numbers prove that Facebook is enjoying high numbers of users with that number increasing after the addition of the Arabic interface. The report states that the top 5 countries in the MENA region are:

  1. Egypt: 3.4 Million Users
  2. Saudi Arabia: 2.3 Million Users
  3. Morocco: 1.8 Million Users
  4. UAE: 1.6 Million Users
  5. Tunisia: 1.6 Million Users

The general breakdown between the GCC countries and the North African countires are displayed in the figure below:

Language and Gender:

The preferred langauge is English in most of the countries with French leading in some North african countries, but more but the Arabic interface is gaining popularity in the last 12 months.

As for the Gender, it is still male dominated in most of the countries with Bahrain and Lebanon having the best gender equality, the chart below demonstrates the numbers:

The numbers do look very promising especially since the Arabic interface is gaining more recoginition, which will push more marketers to start utilizing the platform to start connecting with all the Arab users in the MENA region.

To Download the full report click here.

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