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Who is Zoofs?

Zoofs is the latest product from TootCorp, for those of you who are not familiar with TootCorp they are the people responsible for the very succesful ikbis, Watwet and Toot web startups.

What is Zoofs?

Zoofs is a new way to discover YouTube videos that people are talking about on Twitter. Zoofs orbits around the Twitter sphere, eating through piles of tweets everyday, in search for the most tweeted YouTube videos.

It basically displays the most tweeted videos from youtube, so you have to be careful when logging on to zoofs because it can be highly addictive, since you are viewing the hottest, freshest and most tweeted videos.

How did Zoofs come to be?

In a statement given to interactiveme.com, George Akra (CEO at ikbis.com) explains that “Kareem [Kareem Arafat, CEO at watwet.com] came up with the idea as we were exploring several global ideas. Youtube is a huge repository of content and it’s mainly search driven, so we wanted to come up with a new way for people to discover and explore content, mainly based on what videos people are sharing on Twitter now. The site is updated every couple of minutes and shows the most tweeted videos. You can also browse by category and filter by time of video upload.”

What are the plans for Zoofs in the future?

The team is working on making zoofs more social so don’t be surprised if you start hearing about and sharing more videos from zoofs, “We have several planned features for the site, including further integration with social networks and adding other sources such as Google Buzz. We also plan to offer more data types, such as music and text.” stated Mr. Akra.

Zoofs traffic?

Zoofs is currently raking around 100,000 visitors per month and according to Mr. Akra “the site has been growing organically since launch and we hope with the future releases we’ll have faster growth of traffic. Most of the traffic is from USA, with some traffic from Europe and Latin America. Our next aim is to have 1,000,000 visitors per month, which we hope to achieve by the end of the year.”

The reason I wrote this article is to showcase that there are people from the region coming up with new and creative startups, and not simply re-implementing old ideas with a new look. Zoofs is a great example of thinking outside the box and we at Interactiveme wish TootCorp all the best with Zoofs and the rest of their products.

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