6 Essential Free Mac Applications for better productivity

If you have a MAC you must be excited about the MAC application store which had recently launched, I have been downloading random applications since, most of them I never use but I found a couple which have been very useful especially if your busy with a million and one things to do throughout your day. Below is a list of 6 Apps which can help you get through all your daily errands and hopefully help you manage your life better.

  1. Evernote: I have personally been using evernote for a while now and it is one of the best applications that I have ever downloaded, their motto says it all “Remember Everything” its the perfect tool if you’re on the go, the application is available on almost all platforms including Mac, Windows; iPhone/iPod, Android, BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile; IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers. It has a very simple user interface, you can sync your notes on the cloud so that you can access your files from virtually anywhere even image notes. But the downside is that you have a monthly upload allowance of 40MB for Free accounts.

    evernote screenshot

  2. Twitter For MAC: This is a beautiful application I think twitter really hit the mark with this app. Its easy to use, elegant and you can add more than one twitter account if you manage multiple accounts. This app is a must if you get your news from twitter, it will make your life much easier.twitter screenshot
  3. iProcrastinate: Which is free for a limited time only, helps with managing your to do list this is another good alternative for evernote, however is more focused on managing daily tasks instead of just taking notes. There is a lite version of application available for the iPhone/iPod and the pro version goes for 0.99 USD which you can sync to your MAC app.  Its very useful and somewhat easy to use, at first glance you don’t really know where to click but once you fiddle around with it for a minute or two you’ll pick it up.iprocrastinate screenshot
  4. Stone Hill Time card: If you want to keep track of your time and know exactly how you’re spending it then this is the application for you, very simple to use and it even charts out your day. This is the perfect tool for people who have bad time management, just enter what you’re working on and it will automatically time each and every task for you. Try this application and you’ll be surprised by the amount of time that is wasted in your day!stone hill time card screenshot
  5. MindNode: This is a useful application for brainstorming and developing mind maps for anything that you may encounter in your day, its very simple and can be edited easily. If you do a lot of research or manage projects this is a good tool for you and your team to visualize the entire process. MindNode screenshot
  6. Thoughtback: I wouldn’t call this application “essential” however I did find it interesting and I can see how it can be useful to some. It is the desktop application to the Thoughtback website, you can register an account and type in any thought or idea that may pop up in your head Thoughtback will then organize all your thoughts and email them back to you so that can spend quality time thinking about them whenever you’re free. It’s a good idea and can definitely help if you have a bad memory or if you find yourself always coming up with ideas and not writing them down. Thoughtback Screenshot

Have any thoughts on the applications above? Or better yet have any better applications that you use? Please let us know below in the comment box.

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