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Last week we mentioned AdMob’s great rise in Asia in 2010 according to Google’s Mobile ads blog. Now and after popular demand Google came back with greater details on where the traffic came from and which specific country showed the most growth in 2010. When I first blogged about it Asia was the biggest gainer in 2010 and I hoped that some big chunk of that was from the MENA region, but unfortunately the only MENA country to have a growth worth mentioning from the graph below was Saudi Arabia with 198% growth over 2010 occupying only 3% of Asia’s traffic. As you can see below India, South Korea and Japan were the top three.

Admob growth in Asia

Africa was a different story with 50% of the top 10 countries being from the MENA region or North Africa, Egypt accounts for 12% of Africa’s traffic growing 174% over the past year. Remarkably Sudan had an impressive growth of 2466% however they only account for 6% of Africa’s traffic since they started from a small base according to the article published. But all of Libya, Morocco and Tunisia made it on to the top 10 African countries resulting in a total of 30% of Africa’s traffic requests, including Sudan and Egypt.

Admob growth in Africa

This data is based solely on ad requests in the AdMob network of mobile web sites and iPhone, Android, webOS, and Flash Lite applications. To get the information for all the remaining regions download the complete presentation prepared by the guys at Google Mobile Ads.

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