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Aranim LogoNot too long ago I published a post about social gaming in the MENA region and mentioned how Aranim Media Factory among other companies who are working on providing the region with relevant social games mostly on Facebook. So I decided to get in touch with the Aranim team and get a little more information about them and the story behind the name. Unfortunately as you can see from the answers below, they didn’t tell us what the name meant, however they gave us some insight on their history, funding and previous work.

Other than their Facebook games Aranim actually has 24 comic books and surprise surprise Fadi Ghandour helped with the Funding! Below are some questions and answers from the Aranim team.

What is Aranim, what does it mean, where did it come from?

Aranim Media Factory is a leading digital content developer in the Middle East specialized in creative media, social games and comic books, striving to create entertaining and outstanding productions to the Arab youth around the world.

Who are the main players?

Founder and CEO Suleiman Bakhit

How long has Aranim been operational?

Aranim has been operational for 5 years now, since 2006

Where are you based?

Aranim is based in Amman, Jordan

How did it all start about?

Aranim originally started as an Arabic comic book production house inspired by Suleiman’s passion to create Arab superheroes, Aranim then evolved into a media factory creating social games, comic books, manga and films. Aranim aspires to become the number 1 social gaming publisher in the Arab world.

Were there any investors that helped you raise the required funding necessary to carry out what you do?

Yes, Mr. Fadi Ghandour

What is your core product?

Core products are Social Games -mainly facebook- and comic books. We have 24 complete comic books.

How do you view the competition in the region? And how well positioned do you think Aranim is to deal with this competition?

We believe in the importance of competition, it brings a compelling edge to the market for higher quality and better products. Aranim is well positioned as one of the very few social games developer in the region, and we will continue working to become the absolute best.

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