Rumor: Blackberry Playbook and Appworld available in March throughout the MENA region?

According to sources who have been working closely with the RIM guys in Dubai, a tip was submitted to the Interactuive ME team that RIM plans to launch the Blackberry Appworld and Blackberry Playbook in March across the MENA region. The exact date was not given however it is more likely to be in mid March.

So Blackberry users rejoice, you will soon (if it is true) be able to download apps from a centralized location without having to look for sources online. As for the Blackberry playbook it is regarded as having better features than the iPad, however I don’t feel RIM came up with anything innovative or new. What will happen when Apple launch the iPad 2 or whatever device they are working on behind the scenes. So I’m looking forward to see how well the Playbook will perform, I’m pretty sure that the Apple bashers will buy one right away and use the excuse “I like it because it tethers with my blackberry phone”.

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