Like Hummus and Shawerma? You’re probably a MAC user

Mashable posted an article today about the difference between MAC vs. PC users. The comparison was carried out by over 700,000 registered users at over the period of March 2009 and April 2011.

The Diagram below displays the difference between the users but as I was reading two things really stood out:

  1. MAC Users prefer to eat Hummus and Shawerma’s
  2. Zeitoun was listed as one of their favorite books which is about a book about a Syrian American Abdulrahman Zeitoun who chose to ride out Hurricane Katrina when it hit back in 2005

So clearly all MAC users are Arabs deep down inside! That is quite a strong statement which is not true, but I thought I’d share with you the diagram because I thought it was interesting since I’m a MAC user myself and can relate to some of the things mentioned, but I haven’t had a shwaerma in while!

Mac vs PC Infographic

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