Apple started unleashing hell on Playbook retailers

While Devin Coldewey of Techcrunch blogged about a rumor yesterday between Best Buy and Apple, he remained at the surface of the issue and didn’t dig deep into what could be the core stir.

The rumor said that Best Buy, a specialty retailer in consumer electronic in US, has been blacklisted by Apple because of mishandling iPAD2 at their stores. And it confirms that Best Buy is not selling iPAD2 anymore.

Looking at it from different angle, Best Buy is the exclusive retailer to pre-order (online or in-store) of a new much-awaited tablet after iPAD, Blackberry Playbook of Research in Motion (RIM). If this issue was surfaced recently and appear 100% true, then the stir could be that Best Buy is going to start releasing Playbook product next week.

Therefore, there is a high possibility that Apple starts/already started a war on Playbook retailers with various claims.


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