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A report released by Inside Facebook analyzes the growth of Facebook globally in 12 months from April 1st 2010 – April 1st 2011. According to the report Facebook has reached 661+ Million users worldwide a 54.8% increase from April 2010 that is just incredible for a network of that size, its a different story when a smaller portal to double or even quadruple their traffic but when your in the hundred’s of millions and still manage to pull of what Facebook has that is something to be proud of for sure!

Anyways a quick look at the top 25 countries on Facebook:

Top 25 Countries Graph on Facebook April 2011

Egypt is number 22 with 6.6 million users, which is good I’m sure the events that happened there in January pushed more users to social networks which could explain the 104.8% increase that’s more than double the number of users in a year. But if you really think of it Egypt has over 80 million people so 6.6 million users that’s less than 10% of the population on Facebook, reasons as to why could vary but I’m pretty sure that more users will end up joining the trend sooner or later to Facebook’s advantage unless something outrageous happens.

What I find to be very surprising is the fact that all of Indonesia, Turkey and Philippines all have over 20 million users on Facebook. In fact Indonesia is the second largest country on Facebook.

Other important demographics listed in the report is the gender and age split:

Facebook Demographic chart

The male to female ratio is almost even with a slight advantage to the males. As for the users age, there is no real surprise the majority of the users on Facebook are between the ages of 13 – 34 covering almost over 70% of the users.

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