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photosynth logo

photosynth logo

1. Photosythn

A lot of coverage has been given lately to Photosynth a new photography app released by Microsoft on the iTunes Appstore. I’m not very big on photography so I didn’t really pay much attention at the time until I downloaded the application which you can do so from here (the best part its free!) and I must admit the app is a must have on your phone.

The beauty of the app is that it doesn’t require any additional programs or apps to produce high quality panorama shots. All you have to do is follow the instructions and that’s it. After taking the shots, the application “stitches” the images together and then you enjoy a 360 degree view of your shots. Here’s an image I took from Dubai Media City (DMC) earlier today just to give you an example:

photosynth DMC

Now that is a 360 degree shot and the building in the middle is the MBC building, even though these pics are impressive they’re much better to view on your phone because you can actually slide the picture with your finger to get a better feel for the image.

You can create an account online or login using your hotmail to upload all your shots plus share with your friends on social networks instead of only storing them on your phone. Microsoft is betting on this app to generate more usersĀ  utilizing their photo cloud storage abilities to store and share their images as well giving Hotmail a well-needed push.

uscapeit screenshot

2. is another similar app that allows you to take panoramic shots and share with your friends. However this one work differently than photosynth. In order to use it, you take a 360 degree video shot of what you want to capture and then once done, you have to upload it to’s servers for it to be processed after its done you get a message and the file will appear on your phone. Their demos on the app look very high quality and could be very useful (if you want to sell or rent your apartment you can just take a shot with this and upload the file).

However there is a setback to this app, I have tried it several times and processing times can take a while which is fine I guess but what is not alright is when you get a message saying “your image processing has failed” after waiting 15 – 20 mins. But overall I believe it is a decent app and does deserve a shot and maybe these kinks can be ironed out in the future updates.



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