Dubizzle bigger than Twitter in the UAE!

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I read a tweet today that was quite interesting, according to alexa Dubizzle ranks higher than Twitter in the UAE. Dubizzle which is a classifieds website that was launched from Dubai quickly gained popularity in the past years and has now expanded all over the MENA region. So if this could be done within 5-6 years, I think with the right marketing strategies they can obtain the same level of success across the region.

Check it out:

dubizzle ranking on alexa in the UAE

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  1. Hi Imran, Thanks for your comment in all honesty I still haven't really understood how alexa.com works because if you check out twitter's global traffic ranking its #9 so I think that the traffic from different sources is taken into account. Now what I know is that alexa is usually not very accurate but you can get a good ball park figure about the traffic on the sites and I wouldn't be surprised if Dubizzle is bigger than Twitter in the UAE simply because I have an idea about the number of monthly unique's from employees who work there and it's pretty high for a classifieds site and very high for the MENA region.

  2. Hi Tariq, Once again an amazing insight but i have my own reservations on this insight. Alexa does not have major traffic share for the region so interpreting results only based on Alexa are doubtful. Secondly traffic driven to twitter is mostly through bookmarks or Apps incase of mobile and not by search so a major chuck which i estimate around 85%-90%of total traffic to twitter gets un-tracked or untapped in Alexa results. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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