GCC sees 34% increase in mobile internet consumption

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effective measure logo 640_380

In their latest newsletter Effective measure released some information on mobile internet consumption in the MENA region, which shows strong growths all over the region mainly in the GCC and the levant where there was a 34% increase in mobile browsing in the Gulf from March to April 2011 with the Levant just trailing with around 33% growth as you can see from the image below:

MENA mobile browsing table April 2011

Another set of important information released were the browsing patterns of mobile Internet users in the Gulf in April 2011:

  1. Mobile Internet users stayed on a webpage at an average of 1.19 minutes, 3 seconds less than PC users
  2. Each session on mobile Internet lasted for at an average of 7.36 minutes, 31 seconds less than a PC session

From the numbers in the chart its clear that mobile is picking up in the region and a mobile version of your site is slowly becoming a must, because users are using smartphones and connecting with your brand on the go. In fact 3.5 Million users from the gulf are consuming the web on mobile devices that’s almost 17.5% of the entire internet population in the Gulf.

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