Zain Kuwait Flash Mob Reaches 1M+ views in under 3 days

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Ah the Flash Mob, how quickly they became the new hip thing to do! The latest to join was Zain Kuwait. Although we’ve seen it done before in the region with the likes of Beirut Duty Free flash mob and Dubai Airport flash mob, Zain’s flash mob had some more acting involved, half way through the flash mob a person appearing to be a security official starts yelling at the crowd and then breaks into dance.

From what’s being said online this is the first time a flash mob has been done in Kuwait, and I must admit it was done properly, I love how the Zain salesman at the counter starts singing and the customer is looking around in complete shock.

The official video was uploaded to the Official Zain Youtube page on February 16 and in less than 3 days already has over 1.1 Million views. How did this happen?

I initially thought it could’ve been because of their presence on social media (Facebook, twitter, etc…) if they had a large following there that could help. But when I checked their facebook page I was surprised to find that only 47K+ (I know 47K is a large fan base, but no where near 1 Million) people like Zain Kuwait.

But then I went back to youtube and did another search and found out that although the official video was uploaded on the 16th, there were many videos – some of them with 500K+ views – that were uploaded on February 3rd and 4th by people who were at the mall when it all happened. As well as a plethora of blog posts online talking about the stunt, all of which helped Zain in generating some sort of viral buzz before uploading their own video.

Also another point the song used in the flash mob was more of a patriotic one, definitely hitting on the emotional side, which helped in making the video more share-able. If you read the comments the majority are praising how proud they are to be Kuwaiti.

I’m just waiting to see who will be next in line to carry out the flash mob, I’m predicting Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi, or maybe not!

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