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Relax no one’s stalking you it’s just a follow on twitter. A lot of people now days are ignorant when it comes to dealing with twitter; and on the other hand a lot are active on it.

Twitter a social media medium had become a trend among people. Active people on twitter have the chance to follow friends, celebrities, companies, fashion icons and more; and be up to date with their exclusive news.

Jas Asaad, a Business Marketing LAU graduate, holding an iPhone 4 explained how social media plays a major role in his life and especially twitter.

‘I’m on twitter almost all the time, it keeps me updated, especially following technological companies that have newest software and machines. Twitter is the new trend in social media today; it has become more important than Facebook. Privacy isn’t an issue on twitter but what’s good about it is the personal aspect that you get to know the person or the company better,’ Asaad explained.

And so to know more about social media and its impact, I asked Professor Ayman Itani, a digital strategy consultant and LAU new media instructor, and Founder and CEO of thinkmedialabs.com. His passion has always been for how the internet and technology are used to enhance our day-to-day lives. He does not have a favorite social media medium but, if he had to choose its twitter, because of the great community that is active on it.

Itani’s brains and his personal business is Think Media, a company that helps existing mass media conglomerates and other Middle Eastern business build their emerging digital media eco system to attend to the growing online user needs and expectations.

‘The internet has become such a pervasive medium that is all around us and in everything we do,’ Itani said.

Joanna Sabra an Economics AUB graduate who is crazy about fashion designers, their work and the latest trends is euphoric about twitter and the benefits that come along.

‘It’s built in your phone, the twitter application, you can check what’s going on anytime, and you are updated always within every minute of your life. I don’t worry anymore knowing what designers and celebrities’ latest hearsay. Thanks to twitter it really made my life easier and my dream more approachable,’ Sabra said.

Looking around us, a person can’t help but notice a head bent down, either on a Blackberry device, iPhone, Ipad, or a laptop. We are all connected at some point, thanks to the internet and the service that it provides for us. There’s no ignorance today, there’s connection, there’s updates, and most importantly there’s knowledge around the world.

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