Mothers VS Social Media in the #MENA

Kids and smartphones

Kids and smartphones

If we go back in time lets say two or three generations ago, we see how kids used to play contrary to kids in our generation today. Time changes everything, human beings evolve, and what used to be the latest trend will not be in style. This happens to everything we deal with in life. Whether fashion, whether business or even kids games.

Today’s children are born with a mind set to comprehend technological devices more than our minds back then. I remember when we used to play games at the play ground, who will catch who? Or who can run the fastest? Or the games that can be both intellectual and entertaining like Scrabble or Monopoly. But I guess those days are over.

Living in an era of laptops, Ipad, Internet, smart phones, and social media tools it’s hard not to notice the impact of these technological innovations. What scares us most is not how kids respond to all these tools but even worse their mothers!

I had an inside look on how mothers deal with the demand of their children. What happens when their children ask them to own a device for a couple of hundred dollars, rather than playing at the play ground with his/her friend? Do they satisfy these demands? And what are the taxes they have to pay?

‘I have to be a hip mom for my children, and be up-to-date with their latest trends or else I’m just a bad mother as well. I always give and take for if my child wants to own such an expensive device he has to give me something in return. I seek good grades at school and I ask for good manners; as long as the laptop or Ipad or even video games aren’t in the way of studying I personally don’t mind. I’m a little bit alarmed though on the social media matter, its just as long as my 9 year old Facebook’s account private I don’t mind; but still it gives me the headache to always watch over her account than her studies.’ Salma El Hajj a mother of three kids said.

But things changed and children’s mind are over thinking things, their life isn’t simpler, its full of devices, they lost the will to hold a book or read, while any tool like Google can provide a whole explanation of the book.

‘I don’t believe that if my child asks for something it has to be provided. This is not the case, we live in a world where technology comes first, and I know that from the devices that Karim keeps on talking about every other day. I care for his education, I care about his grades, I care not to be exposed to violent video games, and waste a lot of time on silly games. I can’t be harsh I know that, but our jobs now a days it’s just harder than it used to be on our moms. Back then our mothers had to protect us from that one ill-behaved girl or boy; now we are fighting to protect our children from the whole world. There’s no end to this thing, I believe it’s both: bliss and a curse,’ Mona Baroudi a mother of two kids said.

Ms. Baroudi keeps on holding to one thought that she’s always trying to explain to her children that everything happens within its own time. And now its time for them to go out to the playground and run and play, for harder times yet to come.

And I had to ask what children think about these technological advances and social media? Is it just to cope with their friends? Or it’s what they really want?

‘I don’t like to play with Barbie dolls, though I love to play in the play ground, and games on the laptop, and of course Ipad. I have a Facebook account so I can see my friend’s pictures and post some too. I just love technology its amazing,’ this is how Pauline Baroudi a 6 year old said.

‘Everything is smart when it comes to technology so we might as well be up to these challenges. I own a laptop, and a Blackberry, and of course I have a Facebook account. It’s not to muddle through society it’s just these are the entertaining games for us. I asked my mother to get me an Ipad; it’s just what I want for my birthday,’ this what Samer El Hajj an 11 years old said.

And I ask every one of you to please take a moment and try to remember what you wished for on your 12th birthday.


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