When social media leaves you with no time!!

tao spa launch beirut

tao spa launch beirut


Everybody wants to be active on social media. And that’s not a curse on the contrary it’s putting a lot of people to work. As I discussed in one of my previous articles social media needs people to work on it. 

But time is money. Although there are automation tools to help manage your social media presence; there still has to be some human input and its time consuming, taken into consideration the up-to-date news, post ups, and page managing.

Tao spa, recently relocated at Rene Mouawad ST., Verdun and is one of the most luxurious health care spas in Beirut, the launch was a blast. All sorts of media attended the opening of the spa. For its owner Ms. Imane Abdallah made sure that this brand new opening deserves the best because as she put it, “we simply offer the best”.

The spa reopened on Nov. 24, 2011. What was significant was the huge media spectaculars that were covering the place. Mentioning some are Al-Nahar newspaper and Al-Akhbar, and Al-Balad; above that the local TV station NBN. Moreover, to billboards that showed on Beirut streets, and the special feature in RAG MAG, and the Daily Star.

Hence, as we can see the massiveness of all sorts of traditional media that covered the launching of the re-opening of Tao Spa in Verdun, additional to all societal figures that attended. And here comes the question what about social media?

Talking with Sara Abdallah, the general manager and online consultant at Tao Spa, she told me how she keeps on functioning on both sorts of medium; the traditional and the social ones.

‘We are active on Facebook and living social. Of course I always stay up-to-date on social media for this broadens the clientele group and this is of an importance to the spa.’ Abdallah explained.

Being the manager herself she is responsible for all sorts of publicity that has to do with Tao Spa, and so her biggest fear is the lack of time for twitter.

For some, twitter is a wild network in which it can’t be controlled nor can guarantee the outcome. We do believe it’s boosting up, but that doesn’t erase the fact that some people take twitter to be an entertaining medium, while others are actually trying to get some work done.

‘Twitter is time consuming for it’s every other hour update. While on Facebook I promote whatever there is from new offers, to new massages, to anything exclusive that has to do with Tao spa. Plus I’m not sure our clientele is on twitter. For that matter twitter is still under thinking construction for us if we find the right time for it,’ Abdallah stated.

‘Social media today helps us as a business first and foremost in which it is more publicity and exposure to our daily plans of the spa. Especially it’s a spa which deals with women’s health and leisure, where there’s always more to word of mouth. And for this I’m always updating the spa’s events and news on Facebook and living social,’ Abdallah said.

Still twitter is a question mark to some, and especially if time is concerned. Abdallah explained how Allied, an advertising company, is responsible for the billboards, magazines, and newspapers. And although she’s responsible for the online exposure of the spa, she still can’t find the time for being active on twitter.

‘We have rules and regulations that we abide to, and our customers dare I say our loved ones expect the best from us. Therefore, I need to make sure we provide the best when on twitter’ Sara Abdallah said.

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