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sweeny todd poster

sweeny todd poster

This is not the first time that a student production takes place on social media. Students, who direct plays at universities, always publicize their play on social media.

From a student perspective, I always think that it’s amazing how some of the artistic work is reaching almost everyone. For once I attended a play at LAU and it was pure student production; from direction, to crew, to props…

On Tuesday, March 27th, 2012 at 6  PM at the Lebanese American University in Irwin Theatre,  was a student production of the play ‘Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street’ for the director Sandy Joulfayan.

The play takes you back in time to London’s smooth, gloomy, winter’s atmosphere. What was significant about the play is the crew’s adequate British accent. For a first the actors where all in mood of the plays’ frame, they did a great job by being synchronized and well prepared to such a performance.

As for the director, Sandy Joulfayan, her disquiet stress, and unease during rehearsals, all fired back to the excellent well-developed play that people came and saw. Sandy is currently in her last year at LAU, where she plans on proceeding with filming in the future.

‘I was inspired by the movie Sweeney Todd that was played by Johnny Deep and directed by John Burton. I didn’t change much from the movie and the play, though I edited it into my special views and imagination. The play took seven weeks of my time. We rehearsed on daily basis; it was a lot of harsh provisions,’ Sandy said.

Joulfayan exposed all the details concerning the play on Facebook. This was of a great deal to her. The audiences weren’t just LAU students but rather a lot of people showed up to see who is behind the direction.

Once again social media helps in making exposure and success not much of a hard work. And Sandy like her colleagues was very excited about her play, for she made a lot of effort to develop it into a marvelous work of art.

And as Sandy puts it, it’s more of a magical play to her. And it taught her a lot from this experience. Being a young student she wanted to tell the Lebanese youth a word to remember. ‘Whatever you do just give it your best, even in the simplest things like waking up in the morning. Appreciate what you have, and always work with a heart full of love when doing something you want,’ Sandy said.

And this is reflected straightforwardly  through social media, on her Facebook account, how with the slightest matter as posting a picture one can see how Sandy appreciates every bit of it.

A word that strikes me most in Sandy’s words is that, ‘those who have known love in their life understand the great power it holds over humanity.’ But the question is, in a world were social media is a must as breathing, what is the power that it holds over humanity?

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