Finding Twitter Chats Made Simple


Not so long ago brands were reluctant in investing in social media and taking the medium seriously; even some called it “chatter”.

Social Media undoubtedly has changed and still is changing communications and business operations across the world. Likes of Twitter gave a different dimension to what perceived as transparent and authentic; simply because ethics has one single universal definition.

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Individuals from all over the world have been using Twitter for real conversations and sharing experience; which in many occasions led to international travels for meetings and seminars. More and more people showed interests in conversations taking place outside their immediate location; would it be on the other side of town, different city or even totally in a different country. This is how hashtags became the Twitter currency; what people use to interact with one another over a shared topic of interest. This is widely known as twitter chats; and thousands of them are taking place everywhere in the world that you can imagine. The most popular ones get trended or recommended by people; but there is not a place where one could find a list of twitter chats. This was the gap in the world of Twitter up until few days ago; until Mark Shaw set up The Chat Diary. This is what Mark had to say about the new service he founded:

“Twitter Chats are great, but how do you find them, how do you know when they are taking part? The Chat Diary will alert you via Twitter to Twitter Chats that are about to start so that you can decide if you want to join in.”

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Ehsan has been working in social media and digital PR since 2006. He is a keen blogger and has over 40 published articles. He has spoken about social media and digital branding at the British Chamber of Commerce, University of Westminster, University of Milan and numerous startup communities in Europe. Michigan State University and Miami University have referenced his work in their study of social media in 2012.