Wow Skype is communicating with me in Arabic… I think?!

I just received this emailer from Skype and at first I was amazed not because they were communicating with me, but at the fact that they were doing it in Arabic. I mean they are really getting their act together after all they did manage to step up their game last year so for them to send me a emailer letting me know that I can video chat for free on my iPhone I was delighted to know that they are seriously thinking about the users from the MENA region.

Until I actually paid attention to the copy they had on the emailer, clearly, they were not thinking of the MENA user or maybe they were but just didn’t have the correct person to refer to, whatever it was it is still a big fail! I mean yes, you can probably make out what it says in Arabic but the fact that the copy is left aligned and not right aligned and all the jumbled up sentences is unforgivable. We’ve all been there, trying to put English and Arabic characters together in the same sentence is somewhat difficult (not really! but I can understand for a non Arabic speaker it could be tricky), but for someone like Skype I think this should be beyond them. And what Arabic speaker would approve this emailer? I mean just a quick look would tell you that its simply not correct.

Take a look for yourself below… I hope Skype find where the problem happened and fix it before anymore communication is conducted that would make them look bad.

Skype emailer Screenshot

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  1. I agree.. They should care more about the language and don’t use standards blindly i personally do that!

  2. Hi Mohammed thanks for the link, what you're saying is true but even in the link you provided they give different work arounds for certain directional issues. I don't mean to bash Skype, but if I approved something like this for one of my clients I wouldn't hear the end of it. That's all I'm saying.

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