Royal Jordanian New Destination: Social Media Marketing!

Royal Jordanian social media marketing


Royal Jordanian social media marketing

Royal Jordanian is the first airline in the Middle East to earn the term Social Brand! the RJ Brand understood the new age of Marketing and started a conversation with customers using the right social platforms, additionally, was pioneer to launch the first official aircraft tweet up in the region as part of their overall social media strategy.

Looking up the social online presence of RJ, we can see a clear social media strategy, feel genuine engagement and sense real commitment to a transparent conversation with people.

Below are some of the tools used by the RJ brand to connect with fans:

1. Facebook page:

A solid fan base of 47,000 fans, the page is rich with tabs, the landing page welcomes new visitors and asks them to like the page in order to have access, and then you have the following interesting tabs:

-Destination: announces the new destinations of RJ

-Latest offers tab: which has the latest new offers (currently is running the summer offer)

-In-Flight entertainment: where you can see trailers of all available movies shown in-flight

– Booking: interesting enough, you can book your flight through the tab which is synchronized to the RJ website

Most importantly, RJ jumps right in the conversation and mingles with fans through answering their questions and comments on each post!

2. Twitter account:

With around 1,400 followers, RJ connects with follower’s questions, complaints and engages them in meaningful ways; one of RJ tweets held a candid apology for a delay in one its flights to a follower.

Additionally, RJ launched the first initiative in the region where it invited the top bloggers and influencers in social media in Jordan, for an onboard tweet up in one of its new A320 aircraft; which led to a more than 1500 tweets… Brilliant move to start with!

click below to watch the video.



Royal Jordanian Social media marketing

RJ brand stand as the ultimate active brand on the web, it started the conversation in a smart way and people seem to enjoy it to the maximum… outstanding achievement.

Other Arab airlines brands have shy presence on the social networks, and need to get out of the shell and join the conversation!!

Way to go RJ.. we know it’s just the start, we will be looking for your next social moves on the web.

Amer is the founder of Hashtag, a new social media agency that specializes in humanizing brands on the web in the Middle East. 


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