Sunsilk connects with 40,000 women in the Middle East!!

Sunsilk connects with women in the Middle east

Sunsilk connects with women in the Middle east


I was taken by a recent TVC for Sunsilk promoting a Facebook page! Curious about a brand that is advertising a Facebook page on TV, i went on and checked the page out to find that Sunsilk shampoo have launched a campaign called “Sunsilk Arabia” to connect with women in the region, thinking it was a great social initiative, I stated some reasons below i believe made Sunsilk reach to around 40,000 fans in less than a month:

  1. Promoting the FB page heavily through TV commercials, website and print insertions
  2. Free beauty advice on daily basis through posts on Facebook wall
  3.  Run off a contest with the big prize of a free trip to meet the “Sunsilk experts”
  4. Created a special event in selected malls inviting women in Saudi & UAE where they can get free Hair do’s and consultations, and promoted it through FB
  5. Posting pictures of their various activities across the region

Sunsilk Arabia engaged target market through social media in the right way, identified the best channels to talk to fans and optimized it considering the culture difference in the region. We can see how fans are engaged with each post as shown through the hundreds of comments and likes.

Please share below any more reasons you think Sunsilk was successful in connecting with fans in the region.

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